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Need an experienced firm in Gloucestershire to rid your home of dry rot? Then you've come to the right place. We'll see that your home is left dry rot-free with our superb and affordable dry rot treatment service.

First class dry rot treatments

Noticed a damp 'mushroomy' smell around your home? Observed cracks in the timber? Then you most likely have dry rot - a leading cause of structural damage to buildings. But don't worry; we're highly experienced in treating and removing dry rot - why not contact us today to discuss your needs?

The complete removal of dry rot in your home

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The important stuff

Complete removal

If dry rot treatment isn't what you're after, perhaps you might like to read up on our damp proofing or woodworm removal services? Explore the site to get more information.

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We'll ensure all the dry rot in your home is eradicated by replacing affected timber and sterilising other areas with anti-fungal spray. Our service is extremely affordable - call today on 07943 667 275 for a free quote.